Here you will get to witness my videos and more importantly the Stomatopods (mantis shrimp) within, this library of cinematography will hold all of my greatest videos and particularly compilations and musical master pieces!

The Stomatopods (mantis shrimp) that I prefer to work within video are the large species because it is simply easier to film them and work with them to create amazing videos! In general, my two favourite species to work with are the Odontodactylus Scyllarus (Giant Peacock Smasher) and the Lysiosquillina Maculata (Giant Zebra Spearer), these two species which are within a family of over 600 different individuals represent (to me) the ‘Flagship Species‘ of them all.

Giant Peacock Smasher Videos

You’ll notice in the videos with the mighty Odontodactylus Scyllarus (Giant Peacock Smashers) that the sheer willpower and driving force of these pugnacious punchers will be amazing to witness, one of the most colorful creatures in the entire ocean boasting nearly every color imaginable on an elaborate chitin exoskeleton. The only thing that can match their extreme coloration is their extreme methods towards bringing down prey and fending off predators much larger than themselves including us humans.


Giant Zebra Spearer Videos

Ominous is the best word to describe these eerie silent giants, unlike their punching pugnacious cousins the Lysiosquillina Maculata (Giant Zebra Spearer) is a patient predator. It will wait for extremely long periods (weeks) for a meal to unwittingly swim by or foolishly assume the large tasty looking eyes of the Giant Zebra Spearer are an easy meal.

Other Mantis Shrimp & Unique Marine Organisms

I don’t just work with the giants alone, for the sake of diversity and because I still do enjoy it, I have other smaller species of Stomatopod (mantis shrimp) that I photography and film. These tend to range around the size of three inches to four inches in overall size, however due to the nature of more diversity other strange marine creatures will be added to the library such as other Crustaceans, Cephalopods & more!