The Revolution


Inspire people to delve into a different side of reefing, albeit easier to maintain and to learn about another creature altogether that is so sorely misunderstood.


To see the Stomatopods move from hated pest to beloved family member alongside the cat, dog, bird.


Intelligence, Desire for Education, Commitment to Diversity, Leadership, Revolution, Growth…but most of all, FUN!


We are the only Mantis Shrimp specific facility that aims to promote the species and to educate people in the role of the Mantis Shrimp within the ecosystem but more importantly, the home aquarium.

We provide people with the greatest and swiftest first hand experience with the species they have or seek, we create elaborate videos and fantastic photos which show things that have not been seen in often dark ways and equally comical humerus ways.


Stomatopod, Mantis Shrimp, Education, Diversity, Discovery.

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