Footage captured and produced by the Mantisman is extremely popular because the Mantisman is the worlds leading Mantis Shrimp publisher and dedicates countless hours to seeing the world re-educated in the many ways of Mantis Shrimp lifestyle.

Enforcing Education

1013621_380700068776532_905851996986078933_n-001The time has come to re-educate mankind, the time has come for the rise of the Mantis Shrimp!

For far too long my kin have lived in fear within most aquariums, fear from the lack of knowledge, fear of the unknown…this must stop!

We are a complex, unique, diverse species.

We deserve a rightful place amongst the average home through what we can give back to you and the very limited requirements we need from you.

As fearsome as we may look, we are highly individualistic, where one of a certain species might be fairly aggressive, another from the very same species and gender, size etc. could be very placid.

How their brought up and how their introduced play large factors on how these highly individualistic and intelligent creatures will react with other organisms within the aquarium.

Coral is typically safe, they will not consume it, but it can be buried in sand from burrowing or if small enough moved near a burrow for cover around the entrance.

Beyond their fearsome visage, one of the sorely misunderstood aspects of their presence within the aquarium is one of a “guardianship”, even more so for those of you who keep coral only tanks.

For instance the Mantis Shrimp will consume multiple other more frequently found pests such as worms like Eunice ‘Bobbit Worms’.

Rest easy and let the Mantis Shrimp take care of things you can’t typically find, their vast appetite is always forcing them out to forage and look around for an easy meal, but do not let them go hungry for to long or we might turn our gaze to other tank inhabitants.

Above all the education and self learning you will achieve in keeping one of these magnificent and often unacknowledged organisms is to simply have fun, watch your individual, name him/her, show the Mantis Shrimp to your family and friends, let the Mantis Shrimp get the respect, admiration and attention they deserve by filling a very unique and diverse spot within your living room, office or kitchen!


“Together we will reshape this hobby and give rise to a unique creature that is more than worthy of its place amongst us all.”

– Kharn, the Mantisman.

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